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Minibuses and buses Следюки - Боровка on 7 Jun

Prices from 1 Br

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from 1 Br

7 Jun, We

ост. Следюки
Боровка (Могилевский р-н)
ост. Боровка
1 Br

for 1 seat

5+ seats are available

Volkswagen, Crafter

On the way: 25 min

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Minibuses Следюки - Боровка from 1 Br on Atlas. Schedule, prices, search

Minibus Следюки - Боровка from 1 Br. Schedule, travel time, prices and order online. Free return, stops on the map, convenient phone app.

Departure and arrival stop

  • On the map
    • ост. Следюки
  • On the map
    • ост. Боровка

Departure time

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